nu ma mai ostenesc sa caut explicatii la tot ce se-ntampla… pur
si simplu se-ntampla… si cum orice actiune isi are reactiunea ei,
reactionez sau ba, e treaba mea… imi vad de ale mele, indiferent de
rezultat… lucrurile par sa se lege: clienti externi, planuri mai mari
decat oricand, calcule cu +… in ciuda rahaturilor ce s-au intamplat
in ultima vreme… mi-e lehamite s-aud ca tre’ sa fac ceva in numele
unei utopice prietenii sau iubiri… mi se…
insa daca socotelile imi ies, ies din ast joc stupid…
ka-ching! let’s put some magic inside!…
know those folks who find success, and then tell the world it was due
to their hard work, really make my job challenging. They almost never
work harder than others. They don’t even work smarter than others. They
simply engaged the magic by thinking, speaking, and acting in line with
what they wanted.

But oh, no, they have to go out and tell impressionable minds that it
was their hard work. And when those minds buy it the bar is raised
for them.

Do yourself a favor, engage the magic.

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